Tuesday, February 17, 2009

22 Feeling 90!

So here I am 22 years old and I feel that with all the health issues I've had I should be like 90 years old. It is a running joke that when I meet a guy that I like I shouldn't declare my medical history or that will ruin it!

Well its kind of true, it all began in kindergarten I had pneumonia 5 times, I've always had a very crappy immune system from that point on. If someone has a little cold I get bronchitis or worse! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 12 and now will take a pill for the rest of my life that without I feel like crap.

I was in a car accident at 18 that damaged my back probably in some places for the rest of my life and I was put to sleep and had needles stabbed into my back approximately 6 different times after the accident.

Then I turn 20 and begin to have stomach problems and well before I was 21 I had my gall bladder removed! (not common at that age) of course, because if my body were to do anything normal I wouldn't be me!

And now... here I am 22 and having serious sleep problems and now am going for a sleep study to figure out why I don't sleep properly...

oh wait there is more.... I am 22 and have a pretty bad foot problem that causes me extreme pain that normally happens to older people so I'll be seeing a specialist tomorrow for that and possibly will be having surgery again!

Its like the never ending list of problems, just when my health seems okay something happens! Will it ever end? And the bills become outrageous, but I realize its better to take care of things now rather than later when they're worse!

Anyways... I hope none of my future love interests read this, because well that would go out the window!