Friday, November 21, 2008

"I think that no matter what you do in life, it requires being honest with oneself, and you have to pull yourself out of the whirlwind of daily life."

Wow! What a week it has been!! I have so many great things in my life at this point. I have been in North Carolina for almost a year now! It is crazy, time has flown! I really never thought that I would be at the point where I am now. I am so much better as a person than I was 1 year ago.

“Life is full of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs.”

This week I had some up and down moments. I feel like sometimes I'm fighting an uphill struggle with myself. It seems like just when I think I'm over things that have happened in the past something makes me realize that I am not. I've enjoyed such great times in the past year that I just have them cover up some of the down issues I am still dealing with. But there are lots of things I am doing now to try and help me overcome these things. I am trying very hard not to keep them in.

I have the greatest friend right now and I always thought that bringing up my problems might make me look dumb or weak, but now I realize she is not there to judge and right now I know she is there for me no matter what even if its just for a shoulder to cry on for the night. Honestly, I do not know where I would be without her right now! She has done so much for me. She has been a part of the many UPS in the past year and has been there to help me through the DOWNS! For that I owe her a lot!

I crack myself up because I always tell her "live a little", but then I look at myself and I'm not really, fully doing that. I am going to try hopefully with a little help to start to talk about my past issues and hopefully move on. I need to focus on me and me being happy right now. I cannot change my past but I can become a better person because of things I have been through. I think that I can also help those who have been through similar things. For awhile there I thought I was the only one, but that is not true at all. There is so much I want to do in life and I cannot keep holding myself back.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

"We all live with the objective of being happy, our lives are all different and yet the same."

Monday, November 10, 2008

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge"

Change, why do we fear it? We should embrace change! I tend to get to comfortable with everything in life and am very afraid for things to change. I like routine and sticking to the same thing week after week. I need to find the good in every change in my life.
I need to be better about just going with the flow and living a little more. If something changes, figure out how to make the best of it.
"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts."
Of course I become insecure about things when they change because I do not know what to expect but I need to know that everything will work out in life the way it is supposed to. But today I'm going to try and just take things
one step at a time.

“Everything in life is connected somehow. You may have to dig deep to find it but its there. Everything is the same even though it’s different. Somehow everything connects back with your life. The faces in certain places may be different, but the situation is the same. Irony is a hidden factor that creeps around us in life, letting its presence felt only after it has left. Picture back to a year ago and the situation you were in. Look at how things are different yet somehow everything it is still in some way cognate. Everything connects together to form the balance of life, to maintain structure. Change is and always will be inevitable, but everything is relative, and all the moments and times in your life will come back around again, you just might find yourself on the other side of the coin. Things are always changing, as fast as everything stays the same.”

That is my quick thought for today!