Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why do we care?

Please note this is not directed at anyone specific

Why do we care what others think? When it comes down to it, we all say we do not care what others think but lets face it! There is a part in everyone that cares somewhat what people think. I don't think lives should be lived this way and I wish there was a way to change that. I feel like a lot of us live our lives trying to be what others want us to be or trying to be the girl a certain guy wants you to be or a guy a girl wants us to be. Be honest, unless someone is going to like you for you they're not worth it right? Well here we go again as humans thinking that there are ways to change others, but unfortunately there are not.

You know that saying.... "There is someone out there for everyone" Well for the most part I believe that, but then again when I think I'm where i'm supposed to be but then realize i'm not getting anywhere in progressing with some things it just doesn't make sense, but such is life, nothing makes sense! And right now for some reason there are a lot of things not making sense.

Like for example.... Girls, what are we all so catty?! Another saying... "Can't we all just get along?" I have realized is almost impossible for girls. and just like caring what others think, there is a little bit or a lot of cattiness in some cases in every girl. It doesn't matter what age we are there will always be comparing of other females. And wondering why a guy chose this girl or why this girl did that to you. Again, these things we will never figure out. So maybe we should (or at least I should) try and be the bigger person and say you know what? Oh well if I kissed this guy and now she is, should we care? If it was meant to be it would have been right? Or if he's moved on like that obviously he's not what I'm looking for. (not really a situation I'm currently in, but just an example). Such is life, you will always have an ex and that ex will always have someone new. It sucks and it hurts, but you have to move on and not hold on to certain things, because when the right one does come along those things can ruin a good thing! We cannot hate others because of things that have happened/or not happened to us.

I realize that in a lot of my relationships I become "the good friend" with most guys..... now I know that can be a good thing and sometimes a compliment that I am easy going, easy to get along with but you know? being "the friend" can get REALLY old. But do you see me complaining all the time? Ya sometimes I do, but I really try not to it is one of those things.... there is no point.

Well once again... just random babble I don't know why it is so easy to type my thoughts out but when people ask me to talk about them I cannot. Oh well blogging definitely helps!

Once again, this blog is not directed at anyone specifically

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random babble for today, slightly confused and stressed I guess.

Boys, boys, boys!! Will we ever completely understand them and what goes through their minds? Probably not! Just when you think you've got one figured out, they throw a curve ball at you! It seems like guys get scared everything a girl gets close to them like we are just going to want to jump on them and be their one and only and get serious!! Well I am not in anyway like that, just because you're getting to know a guy doesn't mean anything serious in my book. How do you make someone realize that you are really telling the truth when you say you are not ready/nor looking for something serious?

"Boys are beyond the range of anybody's sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of 18 months and 90 years"

I have the greatest friends in the world! And well if it were just us for the rest of our lives I may be happy!! But not really, every girl wants to one day be married and have a family, but it doesn't mean I neccesarily want it anytime soon. I want to be young, single and have fun. Of course I want to date guys and have a good time and well if the right one happens to come along I guess I'll go with it, but for now I'm all about just living.

Just like the random road trip me and 2 of my best friends took a couple weeks ago, I love that we are all spontaneous and just like to have a good time. Did it make any real sense to go on this road trip? Nope, not really!! But it was a blast and totally worth it!! One second we're just sitting at home the next thing you know we're all packed into the car driving across the country, why? Because we can!!! I have nothing holding me back right now so I need to live it up, because there will come a day that I will have a family and won't be able to just drop everything and do crazy things like that.

I go back and forth on things, its like one day I think oh it would be so nice to have a boyfriend, but then sometimes I see the drama that goes on with others and am like H no! I like to try and live a stress free life, but we all know that is not possible at all. (I really wish it was) If anyone knows of a way not to stress about the little things in life can you please let me know? I really want to be a happy person at all times but that is another thing in life that isn't always possible.

And sometimes, really I just want to be close to someone and cuddle and feel totally comfortable. I want someone who can hang out with me and all of my friends and put up with our stupid craziness!! Because we all know that I refuse to give up my friends for any relationship.

I want my close friends to be happy in their lives and I hate seeing them getting hurt when it comes to relationships and other things in their lives. I've learned to give my opinions and advice but let them make their own decisions. No matter what they'll be my friends. I really hope to receive the same thing from them and I am pretty sure that they will do that for me also. Even when whatever is going on in my life
might sound like the stupidest things, well they don't judge and of course I will not judge them.